Hi, I'm Muqtadaa Miandara  

I create experiences for people.

Hi, I'm Muqtadaa Miandara.

I research and design user experiences to build relationships, empower users, and encourage growth.






User Experience Research

Software Engineering

User Interface Design

Data and Marketing


Graphic Design

Digital Art

D&D Canon

Wanna chat? You can find me at muqdara95@gmail.com.
Wanna chat? You can find me at muqdara95@gmail.com.

Hey, thanks for stopping by! This website is still under construction (I'm still in the process of making a whole page dedicated to my work experience with Rent-A-Center)! I am building this site completely from scratch, and halfway through building it I learned ReactJS, so now I want to rebuild it again using that .

This site should be fully functional soon, but in the meanwhile, please consider it a presentation of my development and design skills (again, I built it from scratch). If you're on desktop, click the button on the bottom right of the screen to activate celebration mode! I added this button to commemorate being employed in my field for more than a year . I'm incredibly grateful to be here, and I'm so glad you're checking out my work!

I've been employed for more than a year! Hooray!